"Richard did a good job on with difficult parties"

​“I really appreciated Richard’s efforts to listen to my clients and their concerns – even if their concerns weren’t necessarily on legal points but were still valid concerns – and he acknowledged those while working to resolve the case. I just thought he was very effective in understanding the parties’ positions and using that understanding to facilitate bringing the parties together.”

“It was very helpful that Richard was up to speed almost immediately; he clearly had a vast knowledge of the subject area, and he was just a very good listener. Richard really made both sides feel he was receptive to their positions and understood their positions. And I thought that played a big part in his ability to facilitate the settlement.”

“I think Richard is just a very effective mediator just as he was a very effective trial lawyer. He brings a tremendous amount of experience to that role of being a mediator, and that combined with his personality and demeanor are just a good combination.”​